Sea Squirt ID Course 15th- 16th March 2018

Sea Squirt ID Course 15th- 16th March 2018

Join us for a 2-day course investigating UK Sea Squirts! The interactive course is lead by expert tutors from Seasearch and will cover identification, biology and ecology of sea squirts (ascidians), their evolution and ecological importance.

Seasearch Tutors and co-authors of the forthcoming guide to Seasquirts and Sponges David Kipling and Sarah Bowen are running a course for UK Sea Squirt ID here at the aquarium on 15th and 16th March 2018.

The course is primarily aimed at divers (although other interested parties are also very welcome) who wish to gain an understanding and working knowledge of the 60 or so recognisable British ascidians.  The course will comprise the following classroom based areas of study- 

  • Ascidian biology and anatomy
  • Common mistakes! (animals and plants that may be easily confused with ascidians)
  • Evolution of ascidians
  • Ecological importance and environmental impact of non-native species
  • ID methods for the bulk of the 60 or so ascidian species found in British waters that can be identified in situ.

There will be ample opportunity to question the tutors, as well as quizzes and other interactive activities throughout the course. 

The second day will include looking at live specimens collected locally.

The two-day course costs £40 (please bring your own lunch!)

For further information and a booking form, please contact the aquarium.

Posted on February 01, 2018

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