Shark Season 2019  12th - 27th October

Shark Season 2019 12th - 27th October

It's Shark Season and each day throughout the school holidays we will be showcasing sharks - from their fascinating biology to the threats they face today. It's going to be FIN-tastic!!

Sharks provoke all sorts of reactions from us humans - from fear to fascination to food. They are incredible ocean creatures and this October we are getting to know the sharks that live in British waters - there are over 20 native species and the same number of shark species that travel through our seas. 

Join in each day with fun activities, interactive workshops, sharky stories, trails and crafts. There will be expert talks from shark scientists and researchers, as well as the popular shark  dissections - a look inside a shark specimen to find out what makes sharks tick and how they're different from other fish in the sea.

Our guest shark experts include:

Saturday 12th October: Professor Les Noble from Nord University, Norway, dives into the private lives of sharks to ask if they may yet survive our best attempts to steal their food, destroy their habitats, pollute their waters, and kill millions every year.

Friday 18th October and Thursday 24th October: Dr Lauren Smith of Saltwater Life and friend of the aquarium is here all day - she has travelled the world to research and dive with sharks.

Sunday 20th October: Karen Boswarva from Scottish Association of Marine Science uses automated technology to research sharks and rays, map their ocean habitat and discover how they use it.

Sunday 20th October: Dr James Thornburn of St Andrews University will tell us how he keeps track of Scotland's shark populations.

Get your teeth into it and don't miss a fin! Here's the daily programme!

Posted on September 30, 2019

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