Viviparous Blenny

Zoarces viviparus
Viviparous Blenny

Habitat: Rocky shore, rock pools, kelp forest
Depth: 0-30m
Food: Small crustaceans, snails, eggs and fry of fish
Length: Up to 30cm
Lifespan: Up to 10 year
Conservation Status: Not Evaluated (NE)

A long eel-like fish with protruding lips, the viviparous blenny (or eelpout) lives under stones and seaweed. It is unusual among fish in that it gives birth to live young. Up to 400 young hatch from eggs within the female blenny’s body then attach to small glands in the ovary and suckle nutrients and oxygen. The mother is pregnant for up to 6 months before the baby blennies are born.

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