Sea and Do Activities

Sea and Do Activities

Can you help a hungry ballan wrasse find her way through the maze to her lunch? Or would you like to become a crustacean expert? Why not download one of our activity sheets for kids of all ages!

Fun Aquarium Colouring in Sheets

Colour In Diver Thumbnail
Colour In Diver Download ›
Crustacean Colouring Sheet Thumbnail
Crustacean Colouring Sheet Download ›
Cnidarian Colouring Page Thumbnail
Cnidarian Colouring Page Download ›
Microplastic Sources Colouring in Thumbnail
Microplastic Sources Colouring in Download ›

Exciting Puzzles and Games

Underwater Word Search Thumbnail
Underwater Word Search Download ›
Home Fishing Game Thumbnail
Home Fishing Game Download ›
Hermit Crab Maze Thumbnail
Hermit Crab Maze Download ›
Rock Pool Identification Thumbnail
Rock Pool Identification Download ›

Creature Activities

Become a Crustacean Expert (Secondary Level) Thumbnail
Become a Crustacean Expert (Secondary Level) Download ›
Cnidarian Activity Intermediate Level Thumbnail
Cnidarian Activity Intermediate Level Download ›
Cnidarian Activity Expert Level Thumbnail
Cnidarian Activity Expert Level Download ›
Not All Fish are Good Swimmers! Thumbnail
Not All Fish are Good Swimmers! Download ›

Ocean Experiments and Crafts to Try at Home

Fun with Density Experiments Thumbnail
Fun with Density Experiments Download ›
Rocky Shore Mapping Thumbnail
Rocky Shore Mapping Download ›
Marine Plastics Family Activities Thumbnail
Marine Plastics Family Activities Download ›
Build a Rainbow Water Bridge Thumbnail
Build a Rainbow Water Bridge Download ›

Seasonal Activities

Citizen Science with Egg Case Hunt Thumbnail
Citizen Science with Egg Case Hunt Download ›
Mindful Beach Walk Thumbnail
Mindful Beach Walk Download ›
Eggciting Eggcases Thumbnail
Eggciting Eggcases Download ›
Easter Bonnet Craft Thumbnail
Easter Bonnet Craft Download ›

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