CLPL Programmes

CLPL Programmes

Macduff Marine Aquarium is pleased to offer a range of professional learning opportunities for teachers and early years practitioners.

Our range of interactive workshops are available throughout the year and can be booked as outreach, to take place at your school, or here at the aquarium. Each 2-hour session is filled with practical, accessible, fun and engaging activities to explore marine science and other STEM subjects with your pupils. The activities are all linked to the learning experiences and outcomes of the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence. Bespoke programming can be created if there is a topic of interest.

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Shark School for Teachers

Suitable for level 1 and 2 teachers
This is an exciting series of activities that you can take to the classroom to explore the diversity and biology of these fascinating fish with your pupils. Delve deeper into the conservation issues that sharks are facing and encourage your pupils to care about sharks’ global plight.

The activities meet CFE outcomes relating to living things, physical environment, classification, animal behaviour, energy flow and ecosystems, life cycles and environmental awareness.

CFE links
HWB0-50a/HWB151; SOC1-13b; SCN2-01; SCN202a and SCN2-14b

Rocky Shore Ecology

Can be adapted for teachers of all levels

The rocky shore is a fantastic place to explore with your pupils. A field trip to the beach can cover a variety of biological topics - from introducing younger learners to an underwater world, to exploring habitats, biodiversity, survival strategies, distribution, competition, predation and food webs.

This programme offers a comprehensive guide to running a class trip to the beach, complete with data collection activities and a crash course in species identification.

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CFE links

SOC 0.07a; SOC 0.08a; SCN 1-01a; SOC 1-13b; HWB 1-25a; SCN 2-01a; HWB 2-25a; SCN 3-01a and SCN 4-01a

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